Daphne Bramham: A neighbourhood that wants density, but not as envisaged by the mayor and his developer friends

Opinion: Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s tight ties to developers is no surprise to some residents who couldn’t get a meeting to discuss their concerns about the city deviating from a widely supported 2016 plan.

Vancouver Sun article September 24, 2022:  Mayor met with developer but refused to meet with residents. Read it here: Residents want density but not as envisioned by developers


Pictured above: From left, Loris Bertoncello, Paisley Woodward, Zakir Suleman Cylia Wong, Craig Ollenberger, Ann Daskal and Mary Carman in front of Safeway at Broadway near Commercial Drive. They are residents who welcome density, but are upset that the mayor appears to be deviating from a 2016 area plan by allowing even-higher highrises and playing down increases in affordable housing options. PHOTO BY ARLEN REDEKOP /PNG. Credit Vancouver Sun