Safeway site an example of how  Vancouver uses and abuses public input, says article

Current proposal should be inclusive of Commercial Drive character, including affordable rentals, finds author

In an article published in the Tyee online newsmagazine, journalist Charles Campbell analyzes the public input  – and lack thereof – for the current proposal for the Safeway site.

Campbell also wrote and compiled the findings of the 2015 Grandview Woodland Citizens’ Assembly, which came up with a blueprint for increasing density in the neighbourhood, including at Broadway and Commercial.

Pictured above is a drawing of the vision the Assembly had for the Safeway site. This view looks north from East 10th. It includes a central, tree-lined plaza. 

Campbell finds that a vision to animate the area around Safeway is possible. It is an effort that should involve the community. He concludes the proposal by developer Westbank Corp. does not do that.